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There is one other option: mapkeys. I have one set up for printing to PDF that we have been using with Wildfire 4.0 for about 2 years now. I even took the time to make an icon for it and dropped it right next to my Save As. button on the toolbar.The only problem is that if you use the default PTC Font, you have to make sure that you select Stroke All Text, otherwise it will convert all text to Arial and kill any formatting you have done. If you are using a truetype font, I think that the later datecodes of WF4 (post m120) and WF5/Creo Elements/Creo will embed the font in the PDF, rather than converting to Arial.Below is a section from my Config.Pro with the configs set to make the PDF use the pentable and the location of the pentable (we use a C:\proeusr folder to store all custom user configs for Pro), along with the PDF mapkey (command to active is to type the letters pdf). I also have included below the contents of my pentable.pnt. PTC Integrity An application lifecycle management solution, that manages all global software development the ptc code pdf processes and connects all software engineering artifacts, including requirements, models, code, and test, ensuring comprehensive lifecycle traceability. Learn more ›Hi, We have a customization that does what you want it to do.Contat me if you are interested.RegardsBryan. Hi, you can use the publisher to create pdf's of your drawings by selecting the pdf option in the visualtion area. to export them to a drive you will need a customization. Hi Vaibhav, Can you please help me with the step-by-step procedure for the automatic generation of pdf files in windchill. Hi Bryan, Can you share ur customization code to copy the published pdfs to a different location? Thanks,Animesh. See how PTC can help you optimize the system of people, processes and technology to enable greater service performance. Learn more.